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Silver-haired Bat

(Lasionycteris noctivagans)

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Photo © Merlin Tuttle

Description: Largest have 12” wingspan. Weighs up to 15 grams, approximately what 3 nickels weigh. Rich chocolate brown fur tipped with silver. Flying high over ponds and streams while hunting insects, they have been clocked at a speed slow for a bat, 11 miles per hour--making them easier to see than many other bat species. The mother bats give birth to twins.

Spring/summer: The few Silver-haired Bats observed at Capitol Lake forage on insects long the tree lines and high above the lake. Other locations Priest Point Park, rural areas with woods nearby, especially where forest edges meet clearings and roads.

Fall/winter: Some have been heard in the same areas as during spring/summer. Perhaps some or all over-winter locally. Have been observed hunting on non-rainy winter evenings.

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