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Hoary Bat

(Lasiurus cinereus)

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Photo © Merlin Tuttle

Description: Up to a 14” wingspan. 3 ¾” body, 2 ¼” tail. Largest local bat, weighing up to 35 grams, approximately what 7 nickels weigh. One of the largest bats with distinctive, heavy white-tipped fur extending over their tails. They prefer wooded areas and are seldom observed by humans, although they are the most widespread bat in the Americas, and the only bat occurring in Hawaii. Like the Silver-haired bats, they give birth to twins. Hoary bats have a loud and low-frequency call that carries a long distance. Most are heard and not seen.

Spring/summer: Hoary Bat calls are occasionally heard around Capitol Lake from early spring to late summer. Although many are probably migrating through the area, some are regularly heard throughout the spring and summer.

Fall/winter: This long-distance flier, solitary during the summer, migrates south in groups to subtropical and possibly tropical locations.

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