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Bats About Our Town is an all-volunteer, nonprofit organization.  We appreciate your help.


Volunteer opportunities with Bats About Our Town include

  • Bat walk guide by Capitol Lake, acting as a guide (a professional biologist will also be there).  Typically a hundred people show up.  After an initial talk, we break into smaller groups to walk and view the bats. 
  • Bat walk technical support At Capitol Lake the technical support will assist in setting up the card table, TV camera, and TV screen to view bats feeding on the lake.  This person will then stay with the equipment during the walk  (a professional biologist will also be there).
  • Becoming a Bat Detective trained to ID bats, whether in people’s houses, above local streams, at a derelict building, etc.  A project for 2009 is to find out if there are unknown bat flyways bringing bats to Capitol Lake from the south end.
  • Bat House Consultant: Consulting about bat house construction; helping people locate bat houses appropriately
  • Bat House Builder:  Building bat houses for installation in specific locations, for example, a local park.
  • Computer help with data base creation and/or management.
  • Education in the community—speaking to local groups
  • Education in schools—speaking to students in classrooms
  • Office help
  • Telephone tree help
  • Fundraising
  • Other ideas are welcome too, please explain when you contact us!

Please contact us to volunteer or to request more information about volunteering.

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