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California Bat
(California Myotis)

(Myotis californicus)

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Photo © Merlin Tuttle

Description: Wingspans ranging from 8" to 10". The smallest local bat with a 2" body, 1 5/8" tail. Weighs up to 5.5 grams, approximately the weight of a nickel. A forest-loving bat.

Spring/summer: Both males and females are found in this area. They are spread relatively evenly through mature and moderately old forested areas rather than concentrating in a few areas over water like the Yumas and Little Browns. At Capitol Lake they venture out over the open water primarily to drink. They love to roost in crevices singly or in small numbers under loose bark, shingles, tiles, or the like and often change places in their small territories.

Fall/winter: Many have been found in the same areas as during spring/summer. Perhaps all over-winter locally. Have been observed hunting on non-rainy winter evenings.

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